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    Thank you for your long time support!

    What is Lineage?

    Lineage is a online RPG, or a graphical mud. Players from all over the world can play together and facing real human enemy. This game is simular to Ultima Online. Right now the game is free.

    Here is the official homepage of Korean Lineage
    Here is the official homepage of US Lineage
    Here is the official homepage of Taiwan Lineage
    Admin's email
    Download it and play
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    May 4

    Help Elfy.net afloat! Pay me $1000 per month so I can keep the site on!

    Ok, I am totally not serious. At the peak of this site, there is around maybe 1200 visitor per day. This generate around 5GB of data transfer per month. Guess what? I am just using those $10 web hosting plan and I never have any problem. It is so sad to see those site to become pay per view site. I don't know the traffic about other site, but if even lvault (old time popular site) can be hosted in a FREE web hosting (hypermart), I can't beleive other to charge money for their site. Given the amount of player in Lineage, you can easily guess the traffic of any web site. Yes maybe now is more, but certainly no one will ever need a dedicated server, not to mention I don't see any SQL stuff aorund too. In web hosting dedicated server is very expensive, so does SQL server. But do you have to use them? It just make no sense to have a dedicated server with a traffic of 2000 visitor a day.

    If you want to use this site's content, please feel free to email me. However if your site is pay-only, don't ask. I WON'T LET YOU DO THAT. The resource I have is for Lineage players to obtain them freely, not for paying site to obtain a profit with my resource.

    Ok, I do admit that once I did put some ad banner on the site. Did you ever notice it? Because I put them in the bottom of the site, so you won't be greeted by stupid ad. Anyways I removed those shortly after as well. Only thing I haven't remove is the LinkExchange banner at teh bottom of page. Those are for me to promote this site, as they generate $0.000000 income.

    April 21

    Hello. If you visit the official site you know if you own a fan site you can play Lineage without paying. you only have to update the site once a month, and your site cannot copy other.

    However, I think whoever make www.lineagethebloodpledge.com should pay the to play. Why? Look at the links:

    The web master just copy my work, delete me from fan site list. Do you know who is the webmaster/GM in Lineage? Hint: he was a webmaster of a popular Lineage site before.

    April 8

    Hi, long time no see. Lineage is finally going into commercial, and the monthly price is... $15USD. I think it is a bit high, especially when EverQuest, Ultima Online is selling for $10 for the game, and $10 a month. With also many new massive PRG being developed like Dawn and even its own Korean competitor, Red Moon, things will be very tough for Lineage.

    But, as a player, the most important thing is which game fits you. After I played EQ for awhile, this is something that I find out.

    I will play EQ over Lineage if...

    • I like to save $5 a month.
    • I like 3D graphic, first person view.
    • I like to adventure a massive landscape.
    • I like to play 14 races and 11 classes.
    • I like to cast all sorts of spells. I estimate in EQ there is over 800 different spells. In Lineage there is 50.
    • I like to collect all sort of items.
    • I like to do quest from easy few minutes one, to some over 100 hours epic quest.

    However, Lineage can appeals player who....

    • Don't have 3D card and fast computer. Lineage is good even with old computer.
    • Like Diablo. Diablo is kind of similar to Lineage.
    • Hate first person view. The 3rd person view in EQ is not as great.
    • Don't have credit card. The option to pay by Money Order is very convienet for some people.
    • Don't like to walk over a massive landscape over many times. In Lineage there are some convinient teleport NPC. In EQ? You can beg for a player to teleport.
    • Hate complexity. When all you have to care is kill and gain lv, get item, the game is very easy compare to EQ which force you to work on skill, faction, quest etc.
    • Like the flexibility to PK.
    • First time gamer. Lineage should appeals to you.

    March 3

    Lineage 2001

    I haven't play Lineage for a long time. Here is some screenshot I found for the Lineage 2001 fan faire in Korea. Thank you Millerna for the photo. Please do not copy any of them before asking, thanks.

    The entrance, you must register your name here.
    The lawful temple serves as the stage.
    The ancient Dragon reappears.
    Chaotic Temple, with a wedding ceremony going on.
    The cute princess is trading item with someone else.
    All the merchant abbout Lineage you can ever find.
    The archery pratice ground in Silver Knight's Town. Do you see there is a sword on the rock as well?
    The ship you hates to take. A teleport is much faster, huh?
    Steping down from the ship.
    All the Lineage character. The female elf is not as cute as the game I think.
    Need to buy something? This is the armor shop.
    The wedding at Chaotic Temple.
    The new couple is leaving Chaotic Temple, and entering the castle.
    Some special event on the stage.
    I beleive this is the tree in town with all the post notes on them.

    December 22

    Pandora the Santa

    I am not dead yet...

    November 25


    New wallpapers

    12 new wallpapers are added into the wallpaper section.

    I am playing EverQuest for now. EverQuest is a much more complete game than Lineage. EQ gets more class/race combination, and you can choose your own status. There are more items, spells, monster and place to visit. However it is far more complicated than Lineage. I wander in town for 1 hour before I can find the gate to get out. Also the interface is just not so good, and chatting is much more convience in Lineage.

    November 8

    Just two hours after I post the news yesterday, the problems are fixed and now the Dragon Valley update is officially available. Download the patch here and extract it into Lineage directory to avoid the 4688 files update.

    November 7

    Humm... 2048 HP with 35692 MP?

    The update is "partially" up after some delays. For some reason I get some strange stat from the new interface. I will even crash the game if I try to login my LV6 character.

    What make it strange is I can login with both Lineage 1.44 and 1.50. And you won't get auto update from Lineage, and the official site post no update patch either. When I create a sorceress character it will shows up as an female elf in the game, and she cannot attack. I think NCSoft is still working/testing on the update so it is not officially release yet.

    November 1

    Yesterday the official site announced today we will get the Lineage 1.50 update with new interface, Dragon Valley, female wizzrd, and, new items and monsters as usual. As usual, it is delayed again. If you already download the 1.50 patch, you are out of luck. Your Lineage will crash. Official site made a wonderful solution, you can simply wait until Monday November 6, when they are SUPPOSED to implement the change, or download and install the old Lineage 1.44 again. Anyways, it's always your choice.