Lineage may sounds new to you, but it has few years of history already. In the past Lineage is not as fun as now (even though I don't think it is fun now). Here is some screenshots of the Lineage before September 1, 1998 (known as Korean beta time).

September, 1998 and before thanks DRA for the screenshot

The first window you will get when you run Lineage. The old connection screen is very similar to the current one, except it was less fancy. All the updates were done through there as well.

The loading screen is what you get after you connect to the server. Again, it is just the same. However, the loading time was very slow in the past, because they have not pack all the files like now.

The main menu of Lineage. It was pretty nice looking, and have more options. The introduction was only a scrolling of text, while the option made no good at all.

In this simple and neat screen you can create your character. in the past each character had seperate account. The account name was same as your character name. You needed to fill in less personal information as well. Also, characters were case sensitive. For example, MyName didn't equal to myname. There were only 5 class you can choose for.

After you creat a character, you can enter the game. As I said before, each character had its own account name and password. Don't mix up who you want to play!

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Now you are in. During the Korean Beta period English speakers were descriminted by many but not all Korean. You may also notice the status is prety strange, because the current rolling rules didn't apply until 1999. The elves created before were fantastic. They had very good STR and DEX. Elves are a bit weaker now. Also, in the past mp increase faster than hp for all of the classes. After you reach level 10, you can only gain 3hp per level up. The maxium level was 18, while almost no one was able to do so.