Make Money

Make money for surfnig the web... you joking?

Alladvantage is the best of all kind of advertising firm. You can get paid by 50 cents per hour when you use its banner, but not to excess 25 hours a month (don't get confused by other. You get nothing for the 26th hours and beyond). It translates to less than 1 hour of surfing per day (which leave time to play Lineage. You must turn of the web browser to make money.) and $12.50 per month. They also pay you if you refer someone. Even though they are not paying higher than other company, it is the only one I have got a cheque. They mail you a cheque once your account excess $20. Note: US, Canada and England resident only.

[5] Must Join.


GoToWorld is a good alternative to Alladvantage. It paid you up to 40 hours of surfing, but the rate varies. The rate is relatively low last month, happened to be only 30 cents an hour. They supplies you a browser, but you don't have to use that. However, you still need to surf the web actively to earn your money. They mail the cheques out after you earn $20 as well. My friend also got a cheque of $24 USD last month.

[4] Highly Recommanded.

Desktop Horizon

Promise you 60 cents an hour but referal is only 5 cents each. Not tested yet. They paid you after you earn $30.

[NA] Not Tested.


Rate varies each month, but it is around 50 cents an hour. You can use unlimted of time. Server is okay but the ads are very crappy. They paid you after you earn $30 as well. But they charge $1 for postage in US or $4 for non-US address.

[2] Spare your time.

Desktop Dollars

Promise you 50 cents an hour. Very ugly interface along with poor ad contents. My id is "" (my junk mail address design to receive all garbage email)

[1] Good Luck.


A service that claim you can get at least 55 cents an hour for unlimited time. You also get paid when you earn $15. Sounds good except you cannot connect to their server 99% of time. If you really have time you can join it. My member id is "elty" in case you want me to make referal.

[0] Garbage


Sure, there is many other alternative. But I don't recommand them. First, their ads keep repeating itself, meaning they don't have enough advertiser and going to out of business soon. Second, some of them require you to earn $100 before they mail the cheques. Third, their site is poorly design and instable make me think they are ripping me off... Anyways, sign up Alladvantage and GoToWorld for now. If you are not satisfy with the money, go join some more later. Alladvantage and GoToWorld really worth your try. It won't make you a millionaire in a month, but certainly a good amount of money (given that I am poor).